Terms of Reference

Draft Terms of Reference
University of Melbourne Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences Early Career Researcher Network and Committee
Draft: 5 May 2015
The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences (MDHS) Early Career Researcher (ECR) Network aims to support ECRs to achieve research excellence at the University of Melbourne. The ECR Network is an ECR-led initiative established by, and for, ECRs within MDHS. The ECR Network will facilitate networking, and promote research and career development opportunities among ECRs within the Faculty.
The ECR Network Committee serves to coordinate the organization and planning of ECR Network activities, and to facilitate communication between ECRs and MDHS leadership.
Membership of the ECR Network is open to any employee of MDHS who self-identifies as an ECR. It is anticipated that this group will include those embarking on the early stages of their research careers, often employed at levels A or B, but a fixed post-PhD time limit is not defined in order to include staff with diverse working arrangements across MDHS.
Membership of the ECR Network Committee comprises representatives drawn from the ECR Network, with representation sought from all Schools, Departments and affiliated Institutes within MDHS.
1. To provide an ECR perspective to MDHS leadership and facilitate communication between MDHS leadership and ECRs.
2. To organise ECR-focused activities and events providing opportunities for:
    Academic, career and social networking
    Engagement with MDHS and broader University leadership
    Research, grant, career development and personal support
3. To engage with MDHS Research Domains to identify opportunities for and encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration among ECRs
4. To engage with industry partners to identify opportunities for ECR career development, industrial collaboration and funding support.
5. To engage with community groups to promote visibility of ECR-driven research and facilitate scientific dialogue with the public.
6. To identify opportunities for ECRs to contribute to MDHS (eg. mentoring of MDHS and RHD students and new ECR staff).


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