2015 MDHS ECR Network Symposium


On Tuesday the 24th of November 2015, the MDHS ECR Network hosted its Inaugural Symposium. Early Career Researchers (ECRs) from throughout the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences (MDHS) showcased their research in areas ranging from stroke rehabilitation; to Mandarin lexical tone recognition in cochlear implant users; to identifying drugs that modulate immune cell functions.

The Symposium was focused on enabling ECRs to engage with each other across Schools and Departments and making them aware of resources available within the Faculty. It featured guest speakers from the Melbourne Clinical and Translational Sciences (MCATS) Platform, Research, Innovation and Commercialisation (RIC) and the Research Bazaar (ResBaz). It also featured oral and poster presentations by ECRs, which aimed to communicate research being performed at MDHS to a general scientific audience. All presentations were of a very high quality, which made the job of judging very difficult but ECRs from across the Faculty were able to interact with each other and exchange research ideas.

Guest speakers
Guest Platform and Services speakers (L-R): Anne Woollett (MCATS), Martin Elhay (RIC) and Kerry Halupka (ResBaz).

Standout presentations included the Best Oral Presentation winner, Dr Jaclyn Pearson who told a tale of sneaky, subversive little bacterial bugs and gave us a whole new perspective on diarrhea. The People’s Choice award went to Dr Vicki Chrysostomou and her flotilla of swimming mice, for their perspective on the link between exercise and retinal health. Poster prizes from Merck Millipore and Integrated Sciences were awarded to Dr Shivani Pasricha and Dr Liam Johnson, and the Jomar Life Research eBiosciences ECR grant was awarded to Dr Elizabeth Aitken.

Special thanks go to the MDHS Associate Dean of Research, Professor Mary Wlodek for her opening address and ongoing support, and to our Keynote speaker Baroness Susan Greenfield, who captured the audience with her inspiring and witty life story.

Organising Committee and Guest Speakers (L-R): Prof Mary Wlodek, Jaclyn Pearson, Baroness Susan Greenfield, Rachel Buckley and Kylie Quinn.

We are also very grateful for support from the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences and MDHS Research Development, as well as our very generous industry sponsors; Jomar Life Research, Australian Biosearch, Merck Millipore and Integrated Sciences.

For more information on the MDHS ECR Network and upcoming events, including the Perfect Pitch event in January 2016 and a Post-Grants Gala in April 2016, please stay tuned.

And we look forward to seeing you at our next MDHS ECR Network Symposium in 2016!

Members of the MDHS ECR Network Council (L-R): Joel Ma, Rachel Buckley, Kylie Quinn, Jessica Fletcher, Jaclyn Pearson, Shivani Pasricha, Agnes Wong, Scott Kolbe, Nicole Hill and David Gonsalvez.


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